We use hardwood and softwood timber decking

Timber Decking

Wooden decks complement the natural outdoor environment perfectly. Imagine relaxing with all the greens around and fresh air on beautifully designed garden decking, accessorized with the right decorations and furniture – priceless!

If you are into timber decking, Manchester Decking Builders provides you with two options: softwood and hardwood. Let our experts guide you as you choose the one that best suits your style, needs, and budget.

Wood decking or timber decking enhances the natural beauty of your outdoor space, especially when it is designed well and installed properly. Manchester Decking Builders designs and constructs wooden decks that complement the landscape and the surroundings.

You have two options for timber decking – softwood and hardwood. Each material has its own unique characteristics that will perfectly match your home’s overall theme and decors. At Manchester Decking Builders, we can provide you anything you need to have your wooden decking installed as you have imagined it.

But first, it is important to understand the differences between the two types of timber decking boards so you can get the best results.

Softwood Decking Features:

  •  Stylish, durable, and less expensive.
  •  Commonly used softwood tree species include hemlock, pine, and cedar.
  •  Highly sustainable since softwood comes from fast-growing trees.
  •  Comes from trees that have no pores, which is why it has lower density.
  •  Very pliable, making it very easy to install; however, softwood is not very suitable for high-traffic areas.
  •  Available in many different colours and finishes that will surely match your design and theme.
  •  The cheapest among all decking materials.
  •  Can last for a very long time, even up to 25 years, especially when it is pressure treated plus proper care and maintenance.

Manchester Decking Builders provides our clients only the best quality of softwood deck boards. We have a wide-range of choices for softwood decks – from classic to modern style. We understand that you might be a bit skeptical about using softwood for your decking project considering the fact that it has some weak features. But at Manchester Decking Builders, we back our softwood board with a 15-year warranty for damages caused by fungus and other insects.

Hardwood Decking Features:

  •  Timeless aesthetics, extremely durable, unique.
  •  No two woods are alike that is what makes hardwood timber a unique option for decking.
  • Hardwoods are very dense, making it highly-resistant to heavy traffic.
  • Does not require frequent maintenance and treatment.
  • Can work with both classic and contemporary style – available in many different colours and finishes.
  • Less likely to rot, scratch, or warp.
  • More expensive than softwood.
  • More resistant to fire than softwood.
  • Comes from slow-growing, exotic trees.

Hardwood may be more expensive than softwood, but you surely get what you pay for. This decking material is very popular due to its incredible strength and beauty that gets even better as it ages.

At Manchester Decking Builders, we build decks using premium-grade hardwood decking boards. You can count on its durability even when installed outdoors. Opting for hardwood combined with exceptional craftsmanship is the smartest investment you can make for your property.

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Decking installation, whether you choose timber or composite decking boards, should only be done by the pros. This project can truly be an investment, and you don’t want to put your money to waste, do you? So, leave all your decking project needs to us, and we promise we won’t disappoint you. Our certified decking builders will do all the tedious work for you so you just have to watch while we build your dream garden decks. Our lines are open. Give us a call!


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